retailcloud: Named Top 10 POS Solution of 2015 by CIO Magazine

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retailcloud: Named Top 10 POS Solution of 2015 by CIO Magazine

Driving Greater Customer Experiences Through Actionable Analytics


Our article, published in CIO Magazine November 2015

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According to various research reports, revenue from global retail PointOfSale (POS) terminals is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)of 13.37 percent. Such significant escalation indicates the growing acceptance of multichannel sales strategies including ecommerce, online advertising, and online product information, specifications, and comparisons. Despite the proliferation of latest POS technologies, “not every solution provider can effectively convert raw data into realtime actionable analytics,” begins Kevin Colaco, Founder and CEO, retailcloud. “Today’s highly evolved retailers seek an advanced POS solution that not only helps in sales enablement, but builds great customer experiences.”With these new touchpoints multiplying along path to purchase, the retail industry requires a dedicated partner capable of harmonizing the demands of both retailers and consumers. Fulfilling all of these requirements is retailcloud—a company that offers cloud-based POS solutions to enable Small and Medium Business (SMB)retailers increase sales, better managing inventory, and collect valuable data on customers’ shopping habits. “We specialize in blending cuttingedge technology with massive amounts of data to provide superior customer experiences,” says Colaco.

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“We specialize in blending cutting edge technology with massive amounts of data to provide superior customer experiences”

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The company offers three different POS applications that run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Apart from advocating flexibility to operate on disparate devices, the company’s applications could be used either on the floor or at the counter. “The presence of a cart with complete clienteling options makes our application absolutely useful,” expresses Colaco. Additionally, the applications are supported by Central Administrative Server (CAS),a powerful browser based portal which stores and consolidates the complete information of a merchant’s enterprise. The information includes data from distinct areas such as inventory, purchasing, consumer habits, and reporting functions. Besides these functionalities, CAS also possesses the ability to manage supply chain and predictive reordering practices of the firm. “The ability of our POS solutions to offer actionable information assists sales associates to improve operations and drive campaigns for low performing products,” explains Colaco.


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Top 10 POS SolutionBesides boosting sales operations, retailcloud leverages its domain expertise to mitigate the impediments faced by midsize businesses. “Most of the regular and medium size traders are bogged down by under performing Units Per Transaction (UPT),” remarks Colaco. retailcloud alleviates the challenge by providing realtime curated data to salespersons. “Our POS solutions provide relevant data at the point of sale and capacitate sales associates with improved margins, refined product mix, and increased UTP,” states Colaco.

Assisting the retail industry in similar ways, the company provides a holistic solution that facilitates an enterprise to launch a webstore with just a few clicks. The online store is subsequently connected to retailcloud’s backend server to garner realtime insights into stock levels. Such consistent support enables retail enterprises to update and manage inventory in a streamlined manner.

The company draws on its broad industry experience and hundreds of successful implementations to recommend retail enterprises with next best actions. Driven by its proficiency, the company has helped several customers thrive in their business environments. For instance, an online store capitalized on the prowess of retailcloud to increase their sales. “Our integrated POS solutions enabled the client to accumulate entire information in one centralized server and achieve real time actionable analytics,” extols Colaco. retailcloud plans to expand its geographical footprint by opening offices in five different continents. In addition, the company seeks to strengthen their global network by building dedicated partnerships in the retail arena. With such determined focus, retailcloud will continue to offer POS solutions that will ultimately results in promoting great customer experiences. “We believe in the power of customer relationship, as it turns browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers,” Colaco ends on a strong note.

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