Introducing: skedool

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The Finishing Touches of a retailcloud App:

The sales team spent months successfully pushing for the product, the business team did the market evaluation and analysis, wrote and rewrote the requirements, crafted the user stories, the design ninjas wire-framed the screen, and built prototypes and collected customer feedback. Then the engineering team got their hands on it; APIs were developed, code was written, testing was done, another round of merchant validation and then a small live test. They said it was ready for delivery; but was it?

The product had no name nor icon for the retailcloud marketplace; the easy work had been done, but the heavy lifting was just beginning. This is where the brand brains got together; the name needed to meet the retailcloud brand and naming guidelines; come up with something as clever, as pun-ish (is that a word?) as n-gauge; our dashboard, engagement KPI application.

What were the guidelines you ask? “A unique, descriptive, made up word or a real word with a twist, ideally a verb, and could be said out loud. Looks cool written down and evokes an emotion.”

That’s it! Simple. Not like writing lines of code.

So after much deliberation the list of names were reduced to 5:

  • BookEm!
  • Skedula
  • Skeddodle
  • SkedIt!
  • skedool

Then icons and imagery were created for the names, and for days we said the names out loud; got some feedback from some sales partners and finally skedool emerged as the winner. It was the name that was highly rated as unique yet descriptive, was fun to say out loud and looked cool written down. We hope you like it because we have gotten very used to it.

As far as imagery, we went through several renditions before selecting something simple, suggestive that showcased the fun to say name. Go ahead, say it out loud!