skedool the Scheduling Tool

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skedool the Scheduling Tool

We Listen

We listen to our customers for feedback, new improvements and criticism. We wanted to start 2016 with a bang by giving customers what they want. This is how we decided to develop an app for the most sought out feature in Q4 2015. So skedool was born, although there is another story on how we named it and you can read it here.

What is It?

A scheduling tool that is great for businesses who schedule their appointments and sales; from hair salons to auto repair. It is a quick and easy application to access and start using.

Simple to Use/ Simple to Implement

A one stop shop for creating and managing appointments. skedool is a Web-based scheduling application that businesses can access anywhere. All you need is internet to login and create appointments for your customers. From the available filters, you choose which appointments to display. You have the flexibility to display the schedule for the day with all employees or by customer. You can schedule, change and cancel appointments. You can even assign employees to customers at their request.

“Last week I was managing all my appointments through a combination of paper, online calendars and memory. Needless to say it got confusing fast. To confirm an appointment, I had to play a game of telephone!”


No more is the need for a third party calendar that will never integrate with your POS. skedool is integrated with your back-office so employees and customers are already in the system. This tool is available from your tablet POS, Desktop POS or via URL.


An intuitive, one-page layout.

Key features

  • Multi store Appointments
  • Multi user Appointments
  • Create Appointments
  • Reschedule Appointment
  • Search Appointments

Nobody is too cool for skedool! Add skedool to your retailcloud account and it is available for all locations for one low monthly fee.