An exciting journey begins with Zero POS and Star mPOP

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An exciting journey begins with Zero POS and Star mPOP

Finally, a winning POS combination that everyone can use!

Zero POS and Star mPOP flexible powerful and beautiful!

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Free POS software and hardware

Zero POS was designed to be the ideal merchant solution, beautifully designed, simple to implement, simple to use and priced perfectly. All that was missing was a hardware solution that matched its principles and ideals; and then suddenly Zero saw mPOP; it was love at first site.

What’s a mPOP you ask?

Its an an all-in-one POS Solution! Star Micronic’s mPOP is to POS what combination VCR TV’s were to the 90’s! Still thinking about what that means? The mPOP is a combined cash drawer, printer and tablet POS hub. Its sleek, streamlined look is refreshing in a world of clunky, noisy, cash drawers that take up valuable counter space. Best of all it is designed, manufactured and supported by Star, a company with a long history in providing reliable hardware solutions to retailers. Pair this station with a Samsung tablet and retailcloud tabPOS software and you have yourself an updated point of sale location that is bound to satisfy any retailer.

The back-story

When we first saw Star’s mPOP solution in their early development stage we were impressed by its footprint, look and potential affordable price point. From that time it was a constant commitment from Star’s Product team , their belief in retailcloud solutions and follow up which got things exciting. We were also able to get our hands on an early pre-production version which was important for us to build and test for viability.


The Integration of Zero POS with mPOP is important because Zero POS is the only solution which offers a full fledged mobile POS Solution for such a great price; zero dollars per month for the software.

Simple Set Up

The setup for an existing or new customer is completed in 4 easy steps:

– Sign Up for ZeroPOS & get ready with your account (5 min)

– Turn on your mPOP Hardware (under 1 sec)

– Pair the mPOP hardware in bluetooth settings (under 1 min)

– Choose the paired bluetooth mpop in the Zero POS hardware settings (under 2 min)

Who Would Best Benefit:

– QSR or espresso bar type environment when you want to pair it with many Start Printers (LAN)

– Clienteling scenarios to allow associates on the floor with tablets to communicate both the customer and with the mPOP at the cash wrap

Tablet VS. Desktop

Pros to a tablet solution:

– The looks – These have a techy modern look that suggest your business embraces cutting edge technology. Customers love seeing new technology especially in small mom and pop type stores.

– Customer Impact – Shoppers feel like they get more value while shopping at a small store that has a fancy point of purchase. There’s -something special about a place that can maintain its character but also stay modern with their business side matters.

– Smaller footprint – Less clutter on your counter always looks good.

– Full featured – Tablet applications include all the features small and midsize retailers need.

Cons to a tablet solution:

– Screen size limitations – If you are looking for a large display, desktop solutions have better options.

– Lower memory capacity – Applications will not be as robust.

– Sacrifice performance – You should limit use of other applications on tablets to optimize performance.

– Fewer portals to attach peripheral devices

– High Volume traffic business may find that the desktop is able to process quicker

You don’t need to have a big computer on your counter to make it seem like you have a top of the line point of sale. mPOP only takes up a fraction of your counter space and paired with retailcloud, has a full lineup of features. Consider what features you need today as well as what you will need as your business grows. This will help decide what hardware solution is best for your business.. mPOP and Zero POS prove that you can deliver reliability, power, design and efficiency at a price retailers will love.