Day 3 – My retailcloud experience

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Got email 2 in the 10 email series and today it suggested I add any customer data into the system, as well as turn on built in features to add customers to the mailing list. This would allow me to generate mailchimp campaigns on demand.

I had customer lists on constant contact, mailchimp, an excel spreadsheet and a note pad. I started by downloading the lists from constant contact and mailchimp after which I entered the names and email addresses from my note pad onto the excel sheet.  The chat support asked me to share the files with them, and after looking at it determined it was  more involved process to combine the data so they asked me to open a ticket and they would create a file for me that I could then import. Which I did.

I read about how I could create customer groups for mailing, discounts and promotion purposes however I decided not to do any of that. I figured when the time came for that I would reach out to support on how to best group my customer list.  I did use the feature that allows me to tag my most frequent customers as VIPs which would be displayed to the cashier on the POS.

Later in the day I received an update on my ticket from retailcloud that the data had been created and they had also imported the file for me. I pulled out my iPad and ran a customer listing and magically (so to speak) there were 400 customers in the system

I decided to also sit down and write a blog about my experience getting started on retailcloud.

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