Day 5 – My retailcloud experience

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Today was the 5th day since I activated my retailcloud account, and I received email 4 of the boarding series. It was about how to create a mailing campaign and some promotions, it also guided you through how to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

As you may recall from my Day 3 blog, I started with about 400 customers and added a few more since then, at the POS.  I  scanned through my Inventory Balance Reports as well as my Bestseller and Sales Summary Reports and was not sure what direction to go. Back on chat support and we concluded that after less than 3 days of sales there was not enough data to run a targeted campaign, so I decided to run a general promotion.

I created a 10% discount code and then set up a new mailchimp account directly from the integrations page on the CAS portal. I then created a campaign there and set the campaign to run this weekend. I was not sure what results to expect but this would be a fact gathering experiment more than anything else.

I gathered my cashiers and told them about the campaign, and shared with them the number of customers we had in the database, I told them that when we hit 500 names I was buying pizza; I will let you know how that turns out.

I am probably getting a little ahead of myself using all the cool free features, but it’s fun to have access to this kind of information. I wanted to see if I could proactively do things to increase my cash flow and sales. One might say my little data is getting plugged into the big data world.

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