Day 6 – My retailcloud experience

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Today’s email which was the 5th of the series, and continued on yesterday’s theme of building customer awareness. It had a post on how to raise customer awareness of my brand by having “billboards” in their wallets and inbox.  

The POS solution has a gift card program, where in addition to the standard cards with my logo, you can also have customers buy and sell gift cards using mail, text and even facebook. I liked this and it made me think of how I had been neglecting my facebook business page.  I looked over the gift card company’s agreement and it seemed pretty simple, there were no monthly fees and i was able to order a 100 gift cards which I did.  The gift card company would contact me on how to activate the text and facebook ordering, and they were also able to put my cards in their online store for anyone to buy.  Seemed worthwhile as I only paid them if someone bought a card and a transaction fee when the redeemed. I was also able to use the send by facebook feature for promotions to attract new customers.

I also learnt about the CRM Builder feature that would help me build my email marketing list which I activated and told the cashiers about, after all there was pizza to be gained. Another thing I activated as part of my customer outreach was the emailing of receipts, there was also a feature that if the customer chose to be part of the mailing list we would be able to access their entire history from the CRM; I thought that was pretty cool as it also allowed me to see who was buying what on the portal, which from what i was told yesterday would allow me to eventually target my mailchimp marketing based on customer purchases.

I also went back and looked at my Sales Summary report to see what my average units per transaction were and what the average margin was and figured out that this was something I should pay attention to and see how I could improve it as it was an easy way to improve profits.

These emails were helping me focus on some specific goals for my business, in some ways they were like an operation reset. I am glad that I actually took the time to pay attention to the emails and go through the full process.

I promised you a review of the nguage application which is a phone app that shows me my totals for the day, week and month. In addition to the sales there is also information on inventory turnover and ratios as well as customer data on units per transaction and other metrics. I was not able to get much information from it as I don’t even have a week of transactions. It will be interesting to see how I will use it, for now I am addicted to looking at it several times a day to see my sales and the average units per transaction.

Tomorrow is Saturday I wonder if anyone will come in from the email campaign I did yesterday to redeem their discounts.

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