Day 7 – My retailcloud experience

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Saturday was a typically busy day, the farmers market across the street always brings in a lot of lookers.  With our new shared goals of encouraging customers to sign up for our promotion list and to focus on units per transaction I found the team more social with customers. It was a much friendlier and energetic atmosphere which in turn made people linger longer and talk more about the displays.  I made a note to be more aware of my traffic patterns, next Saturday I was going to pull out the counter.

The associates liked the ability to check the POS to look for products and stock levels, and had some great ideas on how to improve the classification of the product. Having color as an attribute was clearly something that they wanted. We opened the portal and made those changes as they came up directly on the system.During the day I checked the phone app and saw that we our average units per transaction were just below 2, I had nothing to measure it to as we have never tracked it before.

I asked around to see if anyone had come in for the mailchimp discount, and someone did but the team member could not remember what they bought. It occurred to me that I could run a discount report which I did and saw that they bought 4 items using the discount code.  I made a note to contact the chat support team to see how their other customers used this data.

The most important thing I needed to do today was to make some changes in how items were classified. So I downloaded the Item listing from the system, and began to add or change the departments and categories. We also added some attributes, based on how customers asked for product and how the associates wanted to look up product.  After we completed it, since it was the first maintenance import I was doing, I opened a ticket and uploaded the file for the support team to review.

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