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Often the butt of jokes, CVS Pharmacy has always had a ridiculously long printed receipt. They recently announced that they will be offering digital receipts to their reward members (and in the process save thousands of trees).

In an era when in many cases customers are even digitizing their payment and loyalty cards, the notion of a printed receipt is becoming obsolete. Especially a printed receipt that is so long and crowded with information it becomes a source of jokes for late night TV hosts. CVS is taking what should be a universal step of allowing customers to opt out of printed receipts, at least if they are committed enough to join a loyalty program. After all, loyalty programs are supposed to make the shopping experience better, not more burdensome.” DAN BERTHIAUME, Chain Store Age.

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Photo: CVS Pharmacy President Helena Foulkes unveiled digital receipts in a surprise appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live

Many customers prefer the digital receipt so that it cannot get lost if needed for a future return of merchandise and ease of check out. Retailers look for ways to enhance the customer experience and offering digital receipts is just one additional way to accomplish this.

An added advantage to offering digital receipts is that you are building your customer database, as you now have your customer’s email address. This will allow you to deploy targeted marketing based on your customers buying habits and further enhance their experience with your store, as you cater to their purchasing needs.

Digital receipts have always been a standard feature of retailcloud’s POS products and retailers have been enjoying the benefits for years. The feature is easy to implement (check the box to enable on your device) and use (the cashier is prompted for digital receipt at the end of the transaction).

Going one step further, is the Enhanced Digital Receipt (shown) available on any retailcloud device as an Add On Feature. Not only does the customer have sales transaction information, they also have recommended items that are aimed specifically towards the customer. This Enhanced Receipt allows for a review of the products and further engages the customer with your business and your product line. If used with the retailcloud eCommerce integration, click on a recommended item to easily make another sale.

digital receipts