retailcloud’s New Elegant Android POS Bundle: Samsung Tablet, Star WiFi Printer and Thought Out Stabile 2.0 Stand

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Zero POS hardware bundleretailcloud is happy to introduce a new Zero POS hardware bundle.  The package couples the immense power of Zero POS, a free cloud-based Android point-of-sale software deployment and strong hardware integration. This hardware is comprised of a Samsung Galaxy tablet, EMV reader, socket scanner, Star Micronics receipt printer, cash drawer and Stabile Pro pivot stand. From every standpoint, the system is holistic, seamless, and practical. However, that isn’t all as it offers unmatched flexibility and reliability that is simply absent in traditional POS systems.

But at the core of this bundle are two components that are a formidable force to reckon with: Star’s WiFi integration (drawer and thermal printer) and Stabile Pro pivot stand. Without the two, the bundle ceases to offer its incredible flexibility and tenacity. I must admit: right from the outset, I was amazed by Thought Out’s ingenuity and total engineering.


Thought Out Stabile 2.0 Stand

Finding the right mounting solution for a tablet-based POS system can be an uphill task. Thought Out’s Stabile Pro is quite a sight. From every dimension, the pivot stand is a total work of American engineering. They come in two colors: black-on-black and black-on-silver.


  • Features gloss rubber pads instead of problematic black versions. The pads are duly designed to prevent tablet’s slip.
  • The design features four pounds of cured steel that notable for its sturdiness and perfect feel.
  • An impressive, innovative, and ingenious ball joint solution which enables the tablet to be turned and tilted on diverse angles. A simple plastic screw allows the joint to hinge on a particular direction.
  • It lifts the tablet at least 4 inches above the drawer
  • The holder can comfortably accommodate bare or encased tablet

Star Micronics TSP100III

For all POS aficionados out there, TSP100III thermal printer is a must-have. What’s all the fuss about TSP100III? Well, for starters, it operates entirely on Wi-Fi. That is, its entire connection with the drawer, scanner, reader, and tablet is fully wireless.

By far and large, its “push” and “connect” capability deliver unmatched options that are poised to bring even the most grounded retails on board. Other notable features include complimentary Star SDK, robust auto-cutter, rapid-print technology, and so forth. In all, the thermal printer makes the bundle a worthy investment for anyone looking to garner an industry’s best POS system.

Star Micronics Drawer

With the thermal printer, this drawer by industry’s leader Star Micronics works seamless and without any hassle associated with traditional POS hardware. The drawer offers unrivaled security, fast turnaround times, and sturdy feel.
In yet another elegant, smart design appeal, Stabile Pro takes the steel to a surprisingly miniature point right beneath the ball joint, accentuating the immense strength of the metal. Thought Out also offers another option in the form of a cable manager right above the ball joint. That is if you need your tablet to operate upside-down.
By integrating the great power of Zero POS as well as amazing new hardware, retailcloud aims to provide a POS system that will offer small businesses an easier way to handle their day-to-day POS.

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