Essential Elements that a Vape Shop POS Should Have

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Are you a vape shop owner that wants to improve managing and tracking  the different brands and juices that you are selling? Are the upcoming regulations keeping you up at night as you wonder how to handled the imposed changes? These are just two of issues facing vape business owners today.  Vape store owners should be aware of all the options to help smoothly run their business.

retailcloud, a Windows and Android cloud-based POS solution, is your answer. Why? It has the many features that vape store owners will find that retailcloud has the solutions to help with the issues unique to their industry in order to make their business work. Here are just a few of the essential elements that retailcloud can provide you with:

  • Simplifying inventory management: Vape inventory is not the same as that in a  typical retail store. You can’t categorize your e-juices like you would t-shirts; instead, you have to consider the flavors, the bottle size and the nicotine level. Bringing in these products and inputting them into the system can be a tedious task. However, with retailcloud’s inventory management application, you can easily categorize each flavored juice, vape mod style and more into the correct classification. In addition, the inventory management app can give you a total outlook on what vape products are selling quick and which are not. You can keep your eyes peeled on what bulk of juice flavors you need to keep selling! With this easy inventory system on your POS, you will be able to handle an assortment of products with no problem at all.
  • Easily collect customer information: Vape shop owners must come to know their customers, especially if these customers come in on a regular basis. Collecting your customers’ contact details so that they can join a loyalty program is one thing, but on your POS system you can also keep track of what their recent purchases are. By doing so, you can see the purchase histories of your customers so that you can create a more personalized shopping experience the next time they come in. According to a study, about 62 percent of shoppers “would find the checkout process more enjoyable if they received personalized coupons based on their purchases.” For example, you can offer a coupon to a certain customer based on their purchase history. With this POS data at hand, you can bolster and strengthen your sales in an instant.
  • The POS solution is easy to use: No one likes to see long lines, whether the person is a customer or the owner. With retailcloud’s modern and intuitive interface, you and your sales associates will be able to find and locate vape products in a reasonable and timely manner which can lead to getting through the checkout line quickly. With the great interface of our inventory management app, as mentioned above, you will be able to locate the right juice flavor, in the right sized bottle, with the correct nicotine level immediately. No more long lines to deal with; instead more happy customers leaving your store!

Vape store merchants should be aware of the essential elements that should be present in their POS solution in order to have a successful business. With retailcloud’s solution, you will be on the right path.

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