What Creates a Great Retail POS System?

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We all know that a good retail POS system is hard to find. Yes, there are hundreds of solutions, but none of them really guarantees a full, quality and reliable service and functionality. There are several parameters that need to be overlooked and analyzed before selecting one final POS system solution.

How much inventory can you add?

The great point of sale software enables adding and handling of thousands of inventory items. On top of that, these items need to managed in multiple locations of the stores in order to achieve the goals. Be sure these two features are included in the POS system as they are crucial for any small business.

Does it have a return feature?

Another key feature of the ideal POS system is the ability to return defective or damaged products. These situations are frequent and having a software that can smoothly and automatically update these occurrences is a must.

Can You Manage Your Employees?

Employee management is really important for small businesses. That is why the reliable, full-featured and quality POS system must include employee management. Ideally there needs to be an ability to track the working hours of the employees and possibly the progress of each task or project.

Is the order management versatile in terms of features?

The order management of the point of sale software needs to be full-featured and versatile. This means that the ability to regulate multiple vendors, orders and stock levels need to be included and organized in an intuitive way. It also needs to include great calculation and analysis possibility and ability to create special orders directly into the purchase orders.

Does it have great selling features?

When you buy a POS software, the selling features need to be specially analyzed. The great software solutions, usually automate the process and simply enable you to follow the situation. Usually, the great POS software will integrate with automated promotions and enhance sales on a predefined time frame. The store functions and layout also need to be simplified and to include integration with barcode scanners, cash drawers and other important sell items. Which leads us to the next question.

Is the hardware related to that software expensive?

Usually the companies that provide such software offer hardware products to completely secure you with a total package. Thus, you must look for the price and quality of these items. Don’t be fooled, the software can be affordable and cheap, but the hardware may be costly.

Does the software have mobile apps and 24/7 customer support?

Smartphone and tablet point of sale can enable you access to your store and business from anywhere. They are great for progressing on the go and managing the things much better. However, problems can occur at any time, so when you search for the great POS, customer support is a must-have!

Finally, when you select 1-2 or two solutions, do a thorough online reputation research. Search for user reviews on Captera or other similar software review websites. Also, check the social media accounts of the software and find some feedback there. If all of the previous steps are done, you can be sure that you have the perfect POS system for your business.