Top 20 Vape Store Features

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TOP 20

Here are 20 things that Vape Stores want in their POS

  1. Central management portal to review store activity and performance from anyplace
  2. Easily create juice products for sale using a flavor, nicotine & bottle size matrix
  3. Easily create starter kits and custom bundles
  4. Easily create sampling packages for sale to comply with new regulations
  5. Easily generate reports to compare sales by flavors or nicotine level across all products
  6. Easily add items using phone applications, the POS or the management portal
  7. Run product reorders based on trends to ensure optimal stock levels
  8. Handle id check requirements with or without documentation for audit
  9. Easily ring up sales using the quick pick menu especially juice products
  10. Quantity-based special pricing – ability to offer special pricing based on number of items being purchased (1 bottle for $10, 2 for $18, 3 for $25 etc).
  11. Sell by Multiple Units of Measure: Packs, bundles or singles.
  12. Add items, promotions or change prices from any web browser and they are available in real time
  13. Green friendly – Option of printed, email or no receipts
  14. Customer’s sales history are available to cashiers at the POS
  15. Time management for employees to clock in/clock out through any register
  16. Multi-store – manage multiple locations from one system (store transfers, real time stock lookup at other locations, etc)
  17. Easily launch email marketing campaigns to your customer list
  18. Create and Print your own barcodes for any items without a UPC code and scan them at the point of sale
  19. Integrate with ecwid e-commerce for a shop online and pick up in store experience
  20. Simple to use, simple to manage and simple to implement