Importance of Digital Receipts to Customers and Retailer

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The digital world is growing so is everything in businesses including giving receipts to customers. Retailers are doing things differently, they are providing digital receipts to their customer instead of the common paper option. These are clearly not the kind of receipts that many people are used to, but they can be sent to customers by retailers through email. What does this do to retailers and their customers?

Save time and money

More and more people are taking advantage of receiving receipts via email. Customers prefer digital over paper receipts, meaning customers would purposely buy from a retailer who provides digital receipts. They don’t have to worry about losing the receipt, handling and storing because digital files are much easier to store and retrieve when needed.

For retailer providing digital receipts save them money and help them do business in an eco-friendly way. It gives the perception of tech-savvy, especially when dealing with Millennials.

It’s what they expect

People love choice and convenience. These are the two main traits of digital receipts. In the retail arena, digital receipts are now beginning to be accepted by customers in different businesses notably banking. If banking sectors see the need of converting from paper receipts to digital, you should too. It’s convenient for many customers and also the choice they prefer.


Some people still prefer paper receipts because they are concerned about privacy when using the digital platform. Shoppers are not free to give their email addresses for digital receipts and believe you won’t misuse their personal information. Don’t assume your customer won’t want e-receipts, they are just concerned about their privacy. It’s upon the retailer to assure their customer about their privacy. Be transparent about what you do with your customer’s data and they are more likely to accept bad go for e-receipts when they see what’s in them.

Every receipt keeps customers coming back

A Receipt is not just an email or piece of paper, it’s a way of communicating. This powerful communication tool should be used to add value of your products and services to keep customers coming back whether it’s in store or online. Instead of using discount cards or coupons why don’t you upgrade to digital receipts and keep your customers coming back?

Digital is transforming business, the best way to keep the pace and bridge the gap between both the retailer’s side and customers is by offering e-receipts, it’s an easier option.



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