Why checkout experience matters for a Point of Sale

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Checkout experience is a key part of shopping experience for a consumer. You might have seen occasions where a customers get disappointed with a very bad experience and thus get reflected in the reviews.  Checkout experience for an in store shopping is mainly driven by the cashiers ability to handle the transaction engaging, smooth and fast .

According to study from Harris poll & Digimarc 88% Of U.S. Consumers Want A Faster Checkout Experience

“Checkout is the last opportunity a retailer has to make a positive impression on a shopper,” said Larry Logan, CMO of Digimarc. “Asking customers to endure a lengthy wait to process and pay for their order can spoil what may have otherwise been an enjoyable shopping experience.”

Recently one of the retailcloud’s customer specifically touched on this topic asked these questions before signing up for an enterprise license

  1. Can retailcloud POS handle checkout really fast ? Like adding 100+ items in a 1 minute .
  2. How about if every order is average of 40 – 50 items ? Will it slow eventually ?
  3. Will the pos freezes up if there is a problem with servers in cloud ?
  4. Will everything stop if the internet goes down and will it can it recover back. 

Based on our extensive experience in Large Sports & Entertainment events, we were positive about #3, #4 and semi confident on #1 & #2  and we put it up for stress test with the customer’s team. The test was based up with 30 – 40 cashiers just banging the checkout process as fast as possible. The outcome was very positive and we ended up executing the event successfully.  

The customer’s team was very smart in identifying their potential operational problem ( which a lot of people don’t ) identify based on their prior experience and they had crafted their business requirements to that. One of they key thing which was passive through this process was How easy was it to train a cashier

They key things which makes a better experience for a cashier is

  1. Accessibility of the most commonly used features
  2. Navigation between screens
  3. Touch Targets & Readability
  4. How easy i can get help if i needed
retailcloud TabletPOS

retailcloud POS solutions focuses on all these areas and address this based on the users feedback we receive from the ground. On an average it takes 3 – 5 minutes for a cashier to learn 80 % of the cashier functions on retailcloud screens. This is one of the reason when Sport Arenas , Large Events, Outlet Sale events becomes a successful programs where you have to train 100’s on cashiers in different shifts.

surface with black heckler stand
retailcloud Windows POS

Another factor which helps checkout experience to have MSIB ( More Stuffs in Bag ) is how you engage with customer.  A few things can dramatically increases the experience are

  1. Recommend a product with ease to a customer based on what they bought
  2. Know your customer & buying patterns through their CRM History
  3. Engage them to your brand or store through Loyalty Programs.

This will be only successful if the checkout experience is less painful for the cashier and consumer. While Checkout experience is evolving there are also other aspects which can be looked into it such as

  1. Kiosk based checkout 
  2. Self checkout areas
  3. In app or mobile checkout . Checkout Express checkout which retailcloud is partnered with
  4. Innovative Payment Experiences

Overall time and usability matters for both employees and consumers and we believe in making that experience as smooth as possible . If you would like to learn more about retailcloud plans and features visit here 

retailcloud monthly plans start from $0 and If you would like to signup for an account click here 

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