How we chose Elo as our featured Android platform

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Since Android made a foray into Tablet space in 2011 we have had opportunity to release hundreds or versions for retailcloud TabPOS. One of the challenge have always been to match TabPOS to our Enterprise Windows Point of sale system and allow customers to use it for their heavy processing situations. Some of the reasons why we held back on features were due to lack of hardware support and backing from provider when it mattered most for our customers.

Elo introduced next gen iSeries platform in 2015  and we extended our existing partnership with Elo to iSeries and Paypoint platforms. Their world class hardware & support  has helped us navigate through these challenges and we have chosen it as our recommended hardware for  serious business. Some of the outstanding features why we decided to choose Elo’s platform are

  • Truly Commercial Hardware – Elo’s are the built to last and perform. They have been the best we have seen so far this the Android segment for a commercial grade . Elo’s iSeries and paypoint has customization module to extend beyond basic
  • All in one solutions as well as Modular Solutions which can fit into different business situations.
  • Eloview – A true support centric MDM which can be used to deploy apps across thousands of devices at the same time.
  • Partner relationship – This is something we have seen where Elo beats its competitors. Elo’s team stand behind their product and thus any customer issues are addressed is the fastest possible way

We have come a long way since then and in last 2 years we have accelerated our pace . retaicloud’s android TabPOS currently features some of the best solutions for any Android Point of solution out there

  • Multi Location and warehouse support
  • Simple and Advanced checkout workflows
  • Customizable Quickbooks for Cashiers
  • Catalog Management & eCommerce site.
  • Full Inventory management Suite
  • Supply chain workflows
  • Report and dashboard package with 50 + reports
  • Appointment Scheduling & Customer Check in apps.
  • Bring your payment processor
  • Customer Tracking, Loyalty Programs & Integration to email marketing.  
  • and Many More…

Beyond our Tablet Point of Sale we have extended our Android apps to business solutions such as

2017-retailcloud-hw-shoot-IMG_2387.jpg                 2017-retailcloud-hw-shoot-IMG_2343.jpg

Today retailcloud’s & Elo solutions are used in Sport Arenas, Grocery Shop, Convenience stores, Liquor Stores, Salons, Apparel.

We are showcasing retailcloud and Elo solutions at @NRFBigshow #NRF2018 . Visit us at booth #3662 . Mention this blog to get a special offer on retailcloud and Elo bundle

Learn more about @retailcloud here

Learn more about @elo here

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