Get the most out of your POS – Focus on the Customer

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To begin with – Get to really know your customer!

If you are using a POS management software like retailcloud, you can get an in-depth understanding of your customer preferences,  what their ideal product mix is, what their tendencies are, maybe even who their favorite employees are

Having this type of insight will allow you to create a more customer centric approach to your emails,  ultimately improving your conversion rates and allowing you to target your product mix more specifically for your customers.

Online retailers gather every bit of customer data, their clicks what they looked at what they bought and what they abandoned, this may overwhelm you if you are not collecting any data today but time is on your side- start with a 3 simple things to get you started

  1. Add a customer to each sale – this will allow you to ultimately generate reports on their preferences and give you insight to your MVC (Most Valuable Customers).
  2. Consider a loyalty or club program, reward customers for giving you’re their permission to track their sales – consider experience-based rewards (early access to new or sales products for example) or club pricing (there is a reason supermarkets with their low margins do it).
  3. Launch a connected ecommerce site that customers can see your products and inventory on hand, use it to for cross promotions (online and instore) and most importantly make sure you can see all the combined data in one view.

These are just basic steps, if you are already using your retail CRM and would like a more indepth discussion on how to use preference marketing to drive additional sales (especially add-ons) email me at

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