3 Must have POS feature for Pet Stores

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3 Must have POS feature for Pet Stores

You own a Pet Store. It may be a specialty pet store, it may be large multi lane and multi location, it may be a straight forward pet shop. Regardless, you have specific needs based on your merchandise and customer expectations. You need a POS solution that understands pet stores and successfully addresses the needs.

I’m not going to discuss the multitude of features that are needed by many or most retail businesses. I want to focus on what makes your POS needs unique.

1. Bulk Sales – Bird Feed, dog food, bedding, litter

The POS needs to be able to sell items in decimal places and return inventory levels in decimal places for accurate accountability.

2. Advanced Sales Promotions

Pet owners and your competing pet stores expect and appreciate creative sale techniques. Your POS solution needs to be able to offer a range of promotions, from buy one get one, to quantity discounts, and Club Pricing. Discounts should have automatic date ranges so when the sale ends, the cashier discount is no longer applied and its not left up to the cashier to decide.

3. Disclaimers

It would be great to have disclaimers automatically print on the customer’s receipt on specific items or categories of items It may be a category – Live Puppies, where you would like the return policy to be very different from when you sell 10 lbs of Kibble. Select a POS system that allows you to print a specific disclaim on specific items. Better yet, add a signature line, so that the owner has proof that the customer understands the policy.

Embrace the unique POS needs of the Pet Store Industry and look for the tools that help you success.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks 🙂 .

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