Introducing PAX E500 Smart POS Terminal

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It is important that business owners are presented with business tools and hardware which fits their needs. While there are plenty of Android based Point of sale out in the market, there was still void in the space mainly the integration with secured payment integration. PAX’s bold step to fill that void with a suite of smart terminals from 4” screen size to 15” is in that direction.

We are announcing the retailcloud full features Point of sale on PAX E500 terminal. E500 is a sturdy terminal in its own class which can handle your point of sale operations, inventory management, payments and customer engagement in a secured way.  

With E500 you can now downsize the Point of sale hardware but still get and advanced solution. PAX E500 comes with 8” touch screen, 3”  customer facing screen, Integrated EMV payment terminal, NFC Payments, Integrated 3 inch printer, Extension ports to connect extra peripherals

Here are some other benefits of using retailcloud POS on PAX e500

Sturdy Hardware and All in one Terminal

PAX E500 is All in one terminal with Printer, Tablet, Payment device in single unit. It is built with high quality hardware and have gone through rigorous certifications for the payment industry. PAX E500 comes with high quality & solid performance, equipped with multiple peripherals ports, large paper roll, technologies of auto-brightness setting, magic SR and grease proofing enabling smooth touch of screen.

Full Fledged Point of Sale Software

retailcloud’s Point of sale app on E500 provisioned through the Paxstore is one of the only Full Fledged POS software available for E500. It has

  1. Advanced Order Module with Sales, Refunds, Exchanges
  2. Customer Relationship Module to engage your customers
  3. Inventory management for your multi or single location business
  4. Employee Management with Attendance tracking
  5. Cash Drawer Management features with detailed end of day reports
  6. Cash Discounts and Surcharging programs  
  7. Many More

Next Generation Payment Device

Accepting payment have evolved over a period of time. EMV is gained traction and store owners feel short when they don’t accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Alipay. Pax e500 can accept

  • Secured EMV Chips
  • Magnetic Cards for swipe
  • NFC payments with Apple Pay , Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • PIN & Signature on glass

The Solution is PCI Certified and compliant to the Payment Standard defined by the industry.

PAX E500 with retailcloud is easy to setup and get going. If you are interested in the program please contact us where we can help you order, setup your terminal and train to modernize your store operations.

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