How to Improve eCommerce Order Fulfilling Process? | Small and Medium Business

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With different types of products and customers from different places there is no one-size fit for all orders. Getting these details right is important to have options for customers. Providing various fulfillment options is one of the most important steps. While eCommerce and Online ordering have traditionally operated on shipping only, there are various options that are available today. Customers can use Curbside Pickup, Instore Pickup or even have your own crew do the local delivery. This can sometimes save a significant amount of cost when you can control these

offering various shipping options are very important as well. It is a well known fact that customers prefer to have free shipping options. While it may not be cost effective to provide free shipping options for every single order, custom shipping rules come handy in those situations. Free Shipping based on a certain threshold, Custom Shipping Rules based on Weight and specific products are very commonly used approaches which balances business and customer satisfaction.  Local businesses should be able to set up a nominal fee for local delivery along options for Delivery zones and rules.

When an order is placed it is utmost important to take care of it or keep the customer appraised of the progress. When a customer shops in store they already have the products on hand and customers are anxious to get what they bought as soon as possible. Delivery Windows , lead fulfillment times can help to set these expectations realistically as much as possible. Email Alerts or notifications will also improve when the orders are getting shipped or being processed. 

It is very important to have the order processing streamlined as business. Right from Accepting orders, Keeping track of inventory all the way to fulfillment and delivery are key steps in streamlining order processing. Usage of proper tools at each stage is important for this.

A system which can track all the inventory when an order is placed or processed is important. Most of the small and medium sized businesses use one of their locations with a shared inventory pool for the fulfillment.

Solutions such as the Orderup app which allow you to manage the fulfillment lifecycle is very important where you can see all your orders, notified and processed even without having a Point of Sale or Browser. OrderUp can print delivery receipts and even send notifications to customers as you manage your order. 

When you offer curbside delivery options it is also important to have available tools handy to support those customers. Orderup offers accepting payment using handheld devices and helps to perform contactless checkout and print/email receipt. Ability to fulfill orders, accept payments and 

last but not least automating using available tools is important to ensure that orders are processed smoothly and efficiently. Whether it is automatically printing your picklist of orders on your printers or automatically creating shipping labels using shipstation, it is very important to understand and automate wherever possible.

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