3 steps to take for easier online order fulfillment

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Each year, over $1 trillion worth of goods and services are shipped by businesses across the globe with help of different order fulfillment technologies and strategies.

But not all companies can afford to hire a call center or follow up on every order manually. This problem is especially severe for growing e-commerce companies and smaller brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, many owners turn to humans who work at home as virtual assistants (VA). These operatives answer customer calls or handle orders that come into their inboxes via email or automated voice system; however, there’s one simple step they often neglect: little things like storing the information about each order in your database.

How to Make Order Fulfillment Easier?

Instead of sticking to these traditional methods of order fulfillment, retail stores should consider the latest and improved solutions. The use of affordable online ordering solutions and many other advanced solutions can make the whole process a lot more efficient and easier. Here are a few steps that retail stores should implement for easier online order fulfillment:

1. Use Smart Online Ordering Solutions

There is one thing that most modern order fulfillment systems have in common: better and faster communication with customers. With these solutions, each retailer can build its own website and integrate it with the most popular online shopping carts and inventory management systems. They can even make it open for mobile devices, thus making the whole process of order fulfillment easier and more pleasant for the customers.

2. Use Automated Voice System

Many online retail companies still stick to traditional ways of showing off their products to customers by posting them on a website or sending brochures in mailboxes. They do not realize that every new customer is an opportunity to expand your business and generate more sales. Instead of wasting time and effort on paper, coupons, and other marketing materials, online retailers should integrate a fully automated voice system in their ordering software. 

3. Use an Automatic Notification System

Customers love being informed about their order’s progress, but many retail stores have not yet adopted this idea. Instead of using a traditional desktop solution that sends an email to the customer when an order is placed, online shops can choose automatic notification systems that send text messages or show notifications on mobile devices within seconds after a customer enters their credit card details or selects a delivery method. The convenience provided by this technology makes users feel less rushed and generate more sales for companies.


By making these simple changes online retailers can increase their sales and cut down their costs. There is a lot to discover about improving the eCommerce order fulfilling process. It’s time for the retail store managers to adopt the new trends and strategies that can boost the business. Apart from these steps, don’t forget the shipping fees because 61% of the online shoppers abandon the shopping carts due to higher shipment charges and delivery fees.

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