Top 5 restaurant trends that will continue to stay in 2022

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The restaurant scene has been constantly evolving since it first came to be. The menu, location, and ambiance have all been always adapted to what’s new. This year we saw a lot of restaurants taking on unique features such as gas stations and convenience stores, food trucks, and even ghost tours. It seems the trend is switching back to more traditional ones because people want a safe environment to eat in without having to worry about what’s going on outside.

The data monitoring resources indicate that some restaurant trends are going to be there in 2022 too. So, here are a few major trends that your restaurants need to be ready for:

1. Takeout is Back

We’ve all been missing the days of pizza and hot subs. Even restaurants all over the world have been ordering takeout orders so they can create a more personalized experience for their customers. We’re not sure if we’ll ever go back to dining in but it’s nice that people still want to eat out.

2. Community-based Restaurant Growth

Several restaurants decided to switch from a strictly private venue to a place that’s open to everyone. First was The Butcher’s Table which wanted to specialize in locally sourced food from around the city while still maintaining a family atmosphere for their customers without taking away from any personal space.

Articles are constantly being written about how food trucks are taking over the country by storm. People are calling it the next big thing in food. There were a lot of people who enjoyed the quick service that these trucks offered, but the only downside is you would have to make sure to plan ahead and see where the food trucks will be for the day. Instead of driving all over town or spending hours looking for one, some people just opt to order food online or decide to just prepare homemade food instead. Online food ordering solutions have changed many aspects related to food businesses.

4. Healthy Dining Habits

Many health-conscious restaurants were popping up this year because people weren’t satisfied with their current options for healthy food. Restaurant owners saw this as an opportunity to change the way people thought about healthier food, so now we have options such as healthy poke and shakes.

5. Contactless Ordering

I feel like every year, the idea of having no cashier is becoming more popular. After all, if you can order your food without needing to pay for it then why would you even need a cashier? Well, that dream changed when Retailcloud released Tikt for the seamless and contactless dining experience. Now restaurants are able to stay open even amidst the pandemic and don’t have to worry about their customers having cash on them which gives them more time to serve the rest of the customers.


As cities all over continue to grow, it’s becoming hard for restaurants to stay afloat. The various chains that have been setting up shop are still having a hard time staying open and operational at the moment as the demand for in-person dining continues to rise and the restaurant industry is still struggling with labor shortage, it is advisable for restaurants to start making smart changes.

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