8 features you need when looking for a POS System in restaurants

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Restaurants have higher numbers of employees and customers than small businesses. It requires operating a business in various locations — whether owned or franchised — to manage their schedules and work shifts simultaneously. To operate a restaurant, the business owner should possess great managerial, accounting, human resources, marketing and HR administration skills in addition to the ability to make delicious food.

  1. Modifiers

Modifiers are a great way to add more details on an order, such as desired side dishes or preferred cooking temperature. They can be added to orders in the Modifier section, which you access by clicking on the Shopping Cart menu and selecting Modify Orders.

  1. Sales by Employee

Sales Per Employee Ratio aims at understanding the productivity of the employees. This ratio basically helps in keeping track of the relationship between a company’s number of salespersons and their total revenues, and even makes it easier to payout tips to the correct employee as well.

  1. Kitchen Routing

You want your POS system to have kitchen routing so that your order gets sent to the right station, this is especially important if you want certain orders to be sent to the bar or to the kitchen. It streamlines the order preparation process and makes things simpler for your staff.

  1. Split Check

Being able to split checks is a feature that you need so that your restaurant can offer different ways to make payments.This can range from splitting the bill between multiple cards or splitting amounts between cash and card. You want a point of sale that offers as many flexible payment options as possible so that you can cater and appeal to more customers.

  1. Tip Reporting/Paper/Glass

Being able to generate tip reports and receive tips on glass is an important feature that you need from your POS system. This allows you to keep a record of the tips received by your employees at the end of their shift, and you are aware of who to pay it out to. It is good to know and keep track of your tips so that your business is not scrambling during tax season.

  1. Time-Based Menu

If you have different menu items available at certain times, at different prices, or if you have Happy Hour, having a time-based menu is a very helpful feature. This is especially helpful for your employees so that they don’t have to manually enter the appropriate prices when they are set to change.

  1. Online Ordering, Curbside Pickup and Delivery

In order to maximize your profits, you have to build an online presence as well. People nowadays are taking convenience into account so offering guests the ability to place their orders online and get it delivered to their doorstep is a huge deciding factor on whether or not they will take their business to your restaurant.

  1. Online Ordering Integration

Online ordering integration is an important feature that you must have if you already have an online ordering website. There are online ordering solutions like retailcloud’s, that can even route online orders to the kitchen display screen or to a kitchen printer so that you can immediately start preparing the order.
We can help you find the right solution for your restaurant, shoot us an email at sales@retailcloud.com and we can get you started on the right track!

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