3 Retail Marketing Strategies to Use During Graduation Season

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Graduation may not be as significant as Christmas or Mother’s Day in terms of holidays and events. However, ignoring this year’s graduates would be a bad idea. 

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that graduation spending will reach $5.9 billion in 2021, with the average consumer spending $119.44 & 32% plan on buying gifts for high school and college graduates

These figures are certain to rise in the coming years, especially as the world reopens.

We’ve put up a useful list of graduation marketing ideas for retailers to help you capitalize on this year’s graduation festivities.

Create a giftable product category

Many people will be looking for gifts, so you want to make sure your products are on their radar. Create a graduation gift guide with relevant items and place it prominently in your store.

You could also try running a sale on specific graduation gifts. For example, Sennheiser gives out up to 20% discount on their headsets during graduation day sale.

Promote Personalization

When it comes to gift-giving, you’ll almost certainly have a segment of customers who want to give out personalized gifts. So, if you sell products that can be customized, graduation season is an excellent time to market your wares.

Consider Laurel Elliott Jewelry as an example. The jewelry retailer displays stunning jewelry pieces and emphasizes that its products can be engraved with personal messages.

Make a graduation-themed store display

Make certain that your graduation displays are up to date. Make a display of products that graduates could use or items that would make excellent graduation gifts.

Final Thoughts

Graduation may not be the biggest shopping event in retail, but it is still jam-packed with sales and engagement opportunities. Hopefully, the tips above have inspired you to step up your graduation marketing efforts this year.

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