5 Ways to Increase Restaurant QR Ordering Effectiveness

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Whether it’s Google’s push to make QR code scanning mainstream, or the fact that people are just starting to become aware of the technology and how it can impact their business, QR code based mobile order and pay is a hot topic.

As mobile continues to grow, the possibility of using QR codes for your restaurant business is starting to make a ton of sense. Not only can they potentially provide you with a better way to engage customers and streamline ordering, they also help you provide a better guest experience — all while boosting your bottom line.

QR codes are those black-and-white squiggly things that most people scan with their smartphones. But like all technologies, they’re only useful if they’re used effectively. Well, here’s the thing: it seems like nobody’s figured out how to use QR codes in the restaurant industry. And before you dismiss this article based on the headline alone, hear me out: as an industry, we’ve got so much untapped potential with these things, and I’m by no means hating on QR codes — quite the opposite.

Here’s why using QR codes at your restaurants is a win/win for everyone involved.

Increases your staff efficiency

QR codes are ideal for both scenarios, whether diners are staying for a long time or are in a hurry. With digital ordering and payments using QR codes, restaurant workers can spend less time collecting orders, checking in, and delivering checks to customers. QR codes can help a small team maintain a high volume of operations, increase operational efficiency, and retain revenues in an industry where managing personnel is a huge challenge.

Ordering with a QR code can help you save money and cut costs

QR codes are also cost-effective and time-saving. If you add new items to the online menu, you don’t have to worry about updating the physical menu or figuring out how to hide items that have been discontinued. You won’t have to print new menus as often this way, especially if your restaurant is still in its early stages.

Even if you have to print and distribute QR codes throughout your institution, they only take up a small amount of space, so you’ll still save money. QR codes eliminate the need for you to have someone constantly check on your guests to take their orders or give them the bill, so you can save money by reducing the number of wait staff required.

Hygiene can be improved with the use of contactless solutions

In addition to public health precautions, the pandemic has prompted restaurants to strictly enforce social distancing. QR codes eliminate the need for waiters to hand menus to customers and then return them to your employees, making them the ideal contactless option.

Customers can use their smartphones to access the menu and order directly from it, reducing the risk of contamination in your restaurant. This strategy can be implemented using contactless payment options such as online banking and the use of electronic wallets.

Menus can be maintained and updated in real time without the need to print them

QR codes are a handy way to keep track of a restaurant’s menu. Restaurants can update their digital menus instead of printing new menu cards, saving money and reducing waste. Even from the perspective of a customer, these menus are simple to navigate. To view the menu and place an order, guests simply scan the code. Restaurants can easily create an online menu and generate a unique QR code to manage their digital menu for both online and in-person orders. So, the next time you introduce a new item, don’t worry about printing new menus or erasing them with a marker; instead, update the menu digitally in real-time and take advantage of technology.

A QR code based menu can be used as a promotional tool

QR code generators are highly customizable, allowing you to create a code that displays your company’s logo. It’s one method of increasing brand awareness. A QR code can also be used to upsell products to your customers. For example, a diner may order an appetiser and a main course, but because the menu is digital, you can simply upsell other food items, such as desserts, by placing a banner on the code’s landing page. As a result, you will be able to increase your sales and earnings.

A QR code also assists the restaurant in collecting customer contact information as they log into the ordering and payment platform.

Final Word

Restaurants can benefit from adding QR codes to menus in multiple ways. Not only do they give your clientele quick and efficient service, they also save money on printing costs as well as enhance cleanliness and sanitation in your restaurant. They also provide a way to market your brand while providing individuals with greater visibility. All in all, QR codes are an excellent tool for restaurants because of the benefits that they provide compared to the disadvantages.

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