What is Preference Marketing?

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Preference Marketing is a very effective strategy to drive engagement and increase lifetime value with all of your customers. When a business markets specific products and promotions to specific customers based on their purchase history, loyalty, and more, a customer is more likely to make a purchase. And they will come back for more by being shown products according to their taste and liking. 

retailcloud CRM allows you to manage your customers and makes it very easy to market to them by keeping records of the personal information and purchase history. And with marketing campaigns, you can communicate with your customers more effectively by notifying them about new products, promotions, and more!


With the CRM builder, you can create profiles with relevant personal information to track sales and purchase history by customer, and associate them within a frequency-based category or static group.

Learn about your customers: Think…Purchase History, Loyalty History, and Segments, Groups, or Clubs!

Being able to categorize your customers can give you a better understanding of their preferences and shopping habits so that you can deliver a more personalized shopping experience to them. 


Text message marketing is a great alternative to some of the more traditional forms of digital marketing. It’s a seamless way to engage and connect with your customers through the device most of us are on for hours each day.

Now with all the insightful customer data you have at your fingertips, you can engage with your customers on a personal level and successfully connect with them to encourage more purchases and drive their interest in your business. When you notify your customers about products or prices they like, they will want to take advantage of them!

So how can you customize your marketing to each and every customer? 

Think about their PREFERENCES…

-Frequently purchased items

-Purchase value

-Purchase volume

What should you include in your marketing campaigns?

Think about how you want to engage and connect with your customers…

-Email and SMS marketing

-Products, promotions, etc. 

-Customer groups, clubs, designations

How does Preference Marketing benefit your business?

Preference marketing increases customer lifetime value and profits. By sending personalized offers, you provide the most relevant promotions to your customers, driving sales and increasing revenue. Using retailcloud CRM and marketing campaigns with SMS messaging, you have full control over your business from your POS!

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