QuickBooks Replacement: Migrating to ZeroPOS

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Why Choose ZeroPOS over QuickBooks Desktop POS?

retailcloud’s ZeroPOS is an all in one point of sale software that has been designed with today’s retailers in mind. Conduct and manage all aspects of your business with the one, easy to use system. retailcloud gives you less to worry about and more time to spend growing your business.

Key Features of ZeroPOS:

-Processor-agnostic Solution with Dual Pricing Capability

-Multiple Support Channels i.e. Phone, Chat and Email

-Intuitive Cashier Experience

-Multiple Tender Options and Tap Pay

-Robust Inventory Management

-Powerful CRM with In-house Loyalty and Gift Cards

-Dynamic Employee Management

-Muli-location Capabilities

-Insightful Reporting

-Mobile App and Clienteling Toolkit

-Cloud-based Back Office with Real-time Updates

How does ZeroPOS’s QuickBooks Integration Work?

ZeroPOS is a full suite of management tools that streamlines payment processing, inventory management, and other business operations. Integration to QuickBooks Online allows you to manage your finances with ease.

Gain Sales Reporting

ZeroPOS pushes all data to QuickBooks Online as transactions are processed throughout the day. This allows you to view sales activity in QuickBooks and effectively gauge your business’ performance based on accurate financial reconciliation.

Simplify Inventory Management

With ZeroPOS you have a full suite of inventory management in one system. From Purchase Orders, to Receiving, Selling and Adjusting, you can track where your inventory is at all times. Integrated with QuickBooks Online, you can make more informed decisions with your inventory management and increase profits.

Accurately Track Income and Expenses

Tracking your profits and losses as well as your Invoices and House Accounts has never been easier with ZeroPOS and QuickBooks. Streamline your accounting activities and record-keeping!

Embrace the Ideal POS Solution with retailcloud

retailcloud’s integration with QuickBooks Online makes it the ideal POS solution for those who have worked with QuickBooks Desktop POS. As QuickBooks moves to discontinue their POS, retailcloud is proud to offer a turnkey solution that allows merchants to gain sales reporting, simplify inventory management, and accurately track income and expenses: allowing them to take advantage of the accounting and financial management tools in QuickBooks Online. 

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