Day 2 – My retailcloud experience

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On Day 2, I received an email from retailcoud telling me that I had 10 days of white glove support and how to schedule an appointment to make sure of it. It also listed the free inventory tools that were available in their app store specifically mInventory and Inventory Manager.

Since I knew I still had to add items that were missing from my list and mInventory seemed like a good option, I downloaded it and installed it on my phone. There is only an Android version which was fine with me. I scanned a few items and was able to add them into the database, sometimes it prepopulated the information on the missing items with available descriptions and prices and other times no data was available and I had to enter it myself. This looked like it was working well, so we downloaded it on two other phones as well and began scanning the whole store. One cashier was also checking items directly on the POS and adding them there if they were not imported from the QB file.

We got through half the store and added about 300 items, but I also realized that if the cashier scanned an item and it was missing; they could add it to the sale right then, so I figured that we would do that until the next inventory.

I did not use Inventory Manager, but it seemed like a useful tool for cycle counts and receiving product from suppliers. My previous system did not have accurate quantities and I was not going to worry about the quantities now. I made a note to look into cycle counts or wait till I did a full inventory count and update the numbers, apparently there is an import for that on CAS.

We had been ringing sales today on the new POS and while there were many reporting options I only looked at the Real Time Sales report (for sales totals) and the Periodic Sales Report (for SKU movement). I also ran an inventory listing of all the items in the system and saw that I had varying cases in the descriptions, so I exported a CSV file and shared the file with chat support who helped me change it to proper case in Excel, which I then imported in CAS using the item maintenance. Ran a new listing and liked how it looked.

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