Unified Commerce: The Key To Winning The Race Against Customer Expectations

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Build an end-to-end digital commerce strategy across your online and offline channels that drives growth for your business. Enable a unified approach for working with partners, licensors and suppliers to deliver a consistent experience for consumers as they move through the world of retail. With unified commerce, you can capture customer interactions across the many touch points of your business, and aggregate them in a centralized environment. You’ll be able to see shopper behavior patterns, build a deeper understanding of shoppers and consumers, and serve them better across all your channels.

What is the difference between Omnichannel and Unified Commerce?

Omnichannel has become a major competitive advantage, but unified commerce goes far beyond traditional Omnichannel. The difference between Omnichannel and unified commerce is that Omnichannel retailing consists of siloed, unconnected systems and channels, whereas unified commerce connects all back end systems with customer-facing channels in a manner where critical data can pass between these systems, in real time, and still ensure the truth.

As a leader in omnichannel commerce, we help you connect with customers and drive growth throughout the year. With our unified commerce software platform, you can create a business that gives your customers greater choice, while offering you a single platform to manage all of your store locations, web sites and channels. Unified commerce helps you track your performance across channels and regions so you can make more informed business decisions, and better prepare for future change.

With unified commerce, you’ll have one view of every customer and every transaction. You can better understand the relationship between your customers and your products, identify what they most want to buy and when they want it, and deliver services that are uniquely suited to their needs. You can also establish one payment system that lives underneath the entire experience, making check-out quick and seamless whether customers are shopping in stores or online. Most customers don’t think about separate channels when they shop. They think about their needs, the brands that meet them, and how you make doing business with you relevant and easy. This means transactions should happen seamlessly across channels, regardless of the device or location from which customers start.

Unified commerce integrates all customer-facing and backend systems via a centralized platform, making it possible to scale your business, regardless of channel or region. This reduces the time and resources spent managing multiple providers, improves operational efficiencies, and makes it possible to capture consolidated data insights across multiple touchpoints. By unifying payments from every channel into a single platform, you can identify and link shoppers across channels, helping you better fulfill cross-channel purchases. Learn how opening a store affects your ecommerce sales in the same area, or see how an in-app loyalty program affects in-store purchases.

Customers inevitably want more from their favorite online retailers. They want quick and easy ways to shop, but still feel like they’re interacting with a real person if they need to contact customer service. And when it comes time for home delivery, customers don’t just want the items to be delivered, they expect an awesome experience every time. Usually, the more options your customers have, the better off they’ll be, which is why unified commerce puts consumers in control of multiple shopping destinations.

Unified commerce ensures that your customers can interact with your brand consistently and without friction, regardless of how or where they shop. Customers expect speed, convenience, personalization and more. Unified commerce enables businesses to stay focused on delivering great experiences across all channels, while gaining deep insights into customer behavior which enables them to serve their customers better and drive increased sales.

As a business leader, you’re looking to grow your company in both the present and the future. Unified commerce presents a unique opportunity to streamline global growth and culture across your organization, while ensuring all of your teams share the same digital tools. Unified Commerce represents an exciting opportunity to streamline global growth and serve your customers better. A unified commerce program will help you simplify processes, create a cohesive brand experience, and improve customer engagement across every device.

Start up businesses on a unified commerce platform exceed customer expectations, and save the merchant from having multiple third party apps and payments. Retailcloud provides the best solution for any business looking to eliminate single channels and unify them to fall under one platform.

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